Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award

Old Head, St. Andrews and Enniscrone

Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for Lyons Links

To say we are delighted to be awarded such a prestigious award as The Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award would be an understatement. We are humbled by wonderful clients who took time out of their busy lives to recommend our services online. This reward is thanks to you. To receive an award for simply doing our job is very gratifying. In their correspondence, Trip Advisor has advised us we are now in the top 10% of attractions worldwide. To the best of our knowledge, we are now the highest rated Golf Tour Operator listed on Trip Advisor. Our overseas clients laid the foundation for this award in 2019. Our Irish clients followed on in 2020 with their reviews of domestic trips and events this year. Thank you all so much for making this happen. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with World Class customer service for many years to come


Trip Advisors Travellers Choice Award Winner 2020 

We are proud to be awarded the Travellers Choice Award by Trip Advisor for 2020. Thank you to all our customers for making this happen by being so generous with your kind words when reviewing your trips. We are the highest rated Golf Tour Operator on Trip Advisor and are now applying our expertise in providing customers with Sightseeing trips too. We look forward to continuing to provide a World Class Service to all our clients for many years to come

Sightseeing and Activity Tours

Given our level of expertese and connections with the best accommodation providers across the UK and Ireland, it is a logical step for Lyons Links to start offering luxury sight-seeing trips. Many of our clients like to mix golf with sight-seeing other activities. Some choose to visit historical sites, others visit locations of natural beauty, while others still like to attend music and sporting events. Apart from golfers themselves, we have been providing spouses with non-golf itineraries. Indeed we have recently put together two non-golf itineraries for overseas groups. With 2021 timesheets at marquee venues practically full will rescheduled bookings, providing World Class services to non-golfers, will help us grow our business with a view to providing even better customer service. Contact us for more details

Overseas Guests

While we would love to have hosted or loyal overseas visitors this year, we look forward to seeing you all soon. The mood music from World Leaders indicates we will see our skies full with planes again soon. We would like to thank all of you who rescheduled 2020 trips to 2021 and indeed those of you who recently made new bookings. With this in mind, marquee courses are nearing capacity for 2021. If any of you are considering a trip in 2021, we would strongly urge you to contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Maybe check our sample itineraries page for inspiration Where we cannot fulfil 2021 trips due to availability issues, we are offering customers the opportunity to book 2022 trips with a small fully refundable deposit.

Magnificent Enniscrone in North West Ireland where there is still 2021 availability

Domestic Guests

We would very much like to thank everyone who participated in one of our events or who booked a custom tour this year. With the marquee courses having more availability for Irish Residency rates, many of you chose our services to help plan and execute your few days away. We plan the run the Scratch Cups and The Kingdom Cup next year. We do however need to wait before publishing the dates as timesheets are already full next year as previously suggested. The likelihood is we will run our domestic events either early or late in the season.

Once again thank you to all our wonderful clients for the time you took to write a review and for recommending Lyons Links to avid travellers on Trip Advisor. 

See you on the next tee,


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