Downwind Par Fives

The 16th Hole at Enniscrone Golf Club

Downwind Par fives coming up!

Joe's blog returns to assess the winds of change and advises readers of how the team at Lyons Links has adapted to continue to provide a World Class Service to clients. There is also some advice on golf travel trends for 2023.

After coming through 2020 and 2021 with strong growth figures from domestic business, the team at Lyons Links feels like it has just gone -2 on stroke index 1, 2 and is now facing into a couple of downwind par fives. It feels like the crowd is beginning to swell to join us for a potential course record. We really wish to thank all our loyal customers for sticking with us throughout the pandemic while also thanking all our new clients for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the Golf Trip of a lifetime. Having just rolled in the eagle putt in 2022 we are now standing up on the downwind par five named 2023. The bunker lurking down the right-hand side of the fairway named by local "filling up fast" is the major obstacle to be negotiated for 2023

While the pandemic presented a huge challenge for our industry, scaling our business while still providing a personal service to all our clients has been just as challenging. Thankfully, as evidenced by our Trip Advisor Reviews, we have maintained this World Class Service as our business has grown. How did we do this? We assessed the skill sets of our team and we tailored everybody’s role to play to their strengths. We also incentivised team members by offering directors increased shareholding. At this time, I wish to say a huge tahnks to my colleagues Colm Crowley and Cian Booth. Many of you will have communicated and met the guys and am sure you will agree they are the best in the business. I also wish to thank Millena Thiesen who is our Operations Manager who has been a huge addition to the team and facilitates all of us in our roles. 

Colm Crowley is now the Majority Shareholder and Managing Director of Lyons Links. When Colm and I got together initially, this was always in the script as I want to continue to compete at high-level amateur golf. This is time consuming, so Colm has taken responsibility for the the Management and the entire Business Administration. Colm is effectively running all aspects of the business and I will be forever grateful to him for taking on this responsibility.

The Lyons Links Team

Cian Booth has also purchased a shareholding and is our Director of Operations. Having years of experience in the Golf Travel Industry and working as an employee at Lyons Links for 12 months, it was an easy decision to offer Cian the opportunity to become a shareholder. Cian is the man who makes sure all our clients trips run smoothly and he works closely with Millena liaising with clients, suppliers and other team members at Lyons Links.

As our business has grown, Colm, Cian and Millena have been the ones making sure everything runs smoothly. With my new job title "founder", I am in the privileged position of going to meet clients at beautiful destinations before, during and after they visit our shores. By and large, yours truly's main role now is to generate new business by meeting golfers at events and also to meet and greet clients when they come on there bucket list trips to Ireland and the UK. Colm, Cian and Millena have facilitated my desire to continue to compete at a high level of Amateur Golf and I cannot thank them enough. I would like to dedicate my Irish Seniors Order of Merit title, my International selection and Seniors European Bronze Medal for 2022 to them. If we did not have such a good team assembled at Lyons Links, I would not be able to continue to pursue my passion that is Amateur Golf.

With all this being said, I am very much still part of the team at Lyons Links, continuing to hold a significant shareholding, with a role that allows me to concentrate on developing a relationship with our clients – many of you indeed have become close friends. As a team, we look forward to continuing to providing you all with the best service in the business.

The Bunker named “filling up fast!"

Going back to start of this blog. I mentioned how we are continuing to maintain our high standards, largely thank to the phenomenal work of our colleagues. Indeed our suppliers also help us out in the regard. It is my honest belief that a golf trip to Ireland or the UK is simply unbeatable. Such excellence is very popular and while more and more people are enjoying trips to these parts, it’s a bit like that bunker “filling up fast”, the busier it gets, the more difficult it will be come to get a clean strike from it. If you wish to execute your perfect trip in 2023 we strongly advise getting in touch with us now. There is still a legacy issue from the pandemic, whereby it was difficult to get new 2022 bookings on timesheets as most of the marquee clubs had their sheets full with 2020 and 2021 bookings. A lot of new inquiries for 2022 decided to put off their trip to 2023. This is not unique to Lyons Links and Marquee venues are advising their time sheets for 2023 are almost full.

While there is still some availability for the top courses in the South West, Northern Ireland and Scotland, the North West of Ireland still has some good availability. The clubs in this region however are also telling us bookings are way up for 2023 and for clients to secure preferential tee-times early booking is advised. The legacy issues around availability are very similar to what they were last year and you can read about the merits of the different regions on this blog.

In relation to the North West, non-other than Open Champion Shane Lowry recently spoke of his love for Enniscrone, while the founder of Golf Stay and Plays, Kelly Fulford recently joined us for a fam trip and had this to say about Enniscrone

“We cannot say enough good things about Enniscrone. It’s a bit of a drive to get there, but it’s totally worth it and you’ll feel like you’ve found a hidden treasure if you get here. Considered one of the best and most authentic links designs in Ireland, you’ll see quickly how they have earned that distinction during your round here”

I am certainly in agreement and if you add in rounds at Carne, County Sligo, Westport, Connemara and Galway Bay, you are certainly in for a treat.

I will leave you with with a video of the majestic landscape that is Enniscrone Golf Club. Thanks to Air Swing Media for shooting such beautiful footage.

Until again, down the middle,


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