Stay Safe

The Fifth Hole at Old Head
Probably the most spectacular golfing landscape on the planet - Old Head!

Stay Safe. A message from our founding partner.

Just like the lighthouse on Old Head the best Clinicians and Scientists on the planet are trying to steer us clear of dangers. The stormy seas of the Atlantic have battered the West Coast of Ireland for millions of years. The building of the lighthouse has all but eliminated shipwrecks on the coastline and we are sure our top scientists will defeat the threat of the COVID19 Virus. It is just a matter of time.Our job is to stay safe so we can enjoy and continue to explore like no other species can.

Changed Booking Conditions

The indefatigable spirit of our customers has been truly astonoshing at the most trying of times. We have clients still trying to find ways of getting to Ireland and Scotland in May and June to play golf. Unfortunately, at time of writing, it seems highly unlikely that they will be able to get here before July. The good news however is that practically all clubs and hotels have agreed to reschedule trips to later this year for anyone due to travel here before June 30. One or two clubs have agreed to this for trips booked to the end of May, but have advised us they will be renewing this very soon. 

The other big change for 2020 bookings is that we have reduced the timescale for Final Payments from 90 days prior to arrival to 60 days prior to arrival. This will give customers increased opportunites to decide whether they would like to look at postponing their trip to later in 2020 or indeed into 2021. We are working closely with group leaders and clubs and hotels to make sure all our clients are catered for.

Considering a Trip for Next Year?

The first thing you need to do if you are considering a trip for 2021 is to make sure you are around to enjoy it. Our number 1 consideration for clients is for the safety and welfare. In a relatively short period of time we have build up close friendships with many of you so we urge you to follow the directions of the scientists who are trying to steer us away from the shipwreck that is COVID19. If you think that having something to look forward to in 2021 will take your mind off the current gloomy outlook, we'd be very happy to forward a custom itinerary for you and your friends. Apart from giving you something to look forward to, 2021 time sheets are already filling up due to 2020 groups postponing their trips because of the current crisis. Click here to make an inquiry. Booking a 2021 trip now with a fully refundable deposit will all but guarantee you of your preferred tee-times and accommodations.

Finally, please stay safe during this most worrying of times. We look forward to seeing you all on the fairways again soon.

Best Wishes,







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