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Uk and Ireland Bathed in Summer Sun

It seems strange to say, but the UK  and Ireland have been enjoying more sunshine than Spain's Costa Del Sol over the past few week. A very small minority of guests have been a little disappointed with the glorious sunshine wishing for a more authentic experience. With no rain for the past 30 days and temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees faranheit, it has been a remarkable spell of weather. An old saying spings to mind - "be careful what you wish for". Green keepers are getting a little nervous at this time too, but the good news for them is there is some light overnight and early morning rain due this weekend. Even better news is the forecasters are predicting that it will still be predominently sunshine for the next couple of weeks.

All joking aside, the vast majority of clients have loved every minute of their trip as evidenced by recent Trip Advisor Reviews.

We at Lyons Links are of the opinion that the poor weather here is over exagerated. While most people will experience a couple of showers during their trip, it is very unusal for a days golf to be lost to bad weather. Gary player descibed it perfectly when once describing the weather as "four season in one day". You might get a couple of days like those referred to by Mr. Player, however the reality is during the Bristish and Irish summer you will get many fine days with lots of sunshine. The real challange is the "linksey bouncy conditions" which become even more of a challenge in dry summers.  Indeed the long summer evenings with the glorious sunlight for socialising is often regarded as one of the highlights of the tour for our visitors. With all the above being said, you could be unlucky and have a very wet day with persistent rain but this is most certainly not the norm during the summer.

Many of our clients ask about clothing requirements before travelling. Our advise to those of you coming in the next few weeks would be to pack shorts, polos, a light sweater and sun-screen. While the outlook is for very little rain, we would always advise clients to bring rain wear with them as it is possible you will need it. 

2024 Time Sheets Open

It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that all the marquee clubs in the UK and Ireland have opened their books for 2024. As demand as never been stronger, it is imperative you book soon if you wish to access preferential tee-times for next year. Clubs are telling us that tee-times are already 80% booked up for next year. Please contact us or email [email protected] if you want us to assist you putting your golf trip of a life-time together for next year.

That's it for this edition of Joe's Blog. For now take a look at some of the glorious images of the fantastic golf and hospitality our clients are enjoying this summer, in the gallery below.

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