Terms and Conditions of Tours

Terms & Conditions


Lyons Links

(Lyons Links is a trading name of Pro Green Golf Tours Ltd)

12, University Road, Galway, Ireland

Telephone: +353879931933

Web: www.lyonslinks.com



(Effective July 1, 2018)

Conditions & General Information: The conditions below form the basis of any contract between you and Lyons Links(the Company). When you contact the Company to book your tour, you appoint them to act as your agent to obtain the requested services for you. When they have done so, and you have confirmed the booking and paid the deposit, they will accept responsibility for providing your vacation from that point, onwards. No employee or representative of the Company has the authority to change these conditions or information. This Agreement shall be governed by the substantive laws of the Republic of Ireland.


Deposit & Final Payment: Unless otherwise stated on your itinerary, schedules of deposit and final payment outline a deposit payment of 40% of the value of the trip with the remaining 60% due 90 days before arrival.


Cancellation: Notification of cancellation by a client must be forwarded in writing to Lyons Links. All deposit and final payments should be treated as non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise agreed between the Company and the Clients and stated on the Travel Itinerary. In exceptional circumstances  Lyons Links might be in a position to offer clients the opportunity to rebook their trip for a future date. Price increases, however, may apply as golf clubs and hotels tend to raise their rates year on year.


Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend all clients to purchase travel insurance individually to offset any liability incurred by you the customer, in the case of an inability to travel


Changes:An administrative fee of €50.00 per change per person will be charged for changes requested by client after deposit has been received and confirmation issued. In most cases, changes cannot be made less than 60 days before travel.


Responsibility: Lyons Links, as the tour operator, and its selling agents act only as agents in securing and booking the hotel accommodations and other land tour services provided as others as independent contractors. Lyons Links, its selling agents or the specified air carriers assume and accept no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident. delay, changes or inconvenience caused by: any force majeure - health risks - reason of war or threat of war – riots - civil strife - terrorist activity - industrial disputes – acts, omission, neglect, delay or default of any person engaged in providing any tour services including transportation and accommodation - technical problems to transport - closure or congestion of airports or ports - building work - extended hotel closure - cancellations or changes of schedules by airlines - interruption or failure of public utilities outside the control of the hotel and similar events beyond our control, including storms, tempests and hurricanes.

If any tour service or its reasonable equivalent is not provided due to events beyond the reasonable control of Lyons Links, the company will make an appropriate refund of that portion of the tour price covering the undelivered tour service, but it is understood that Lyons Links shall have no other or further responsibility or liability either for the accuracy of any representation or the non-provision of any tour services.

Transport by aircraft, rail, ship or coach will depend on the conditions of carriage of the relevant carrier. These conditions of carriage may limit or exclude the carrier’s liability to you under international law (such as the Warsaw Convention). Lyons Links is not liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, for personal injury, accident or illness on any vehicle or at any place throughout the tour.

Lyons Links reserves the right to cancel a tour if circumstances so require. In the event of such, Lyons Links will make a full refund to travelers of all payments received in respect of the tour. Such a refund of payments will be the full extent of Lyons Links obligation and liability to travelers.


Golf Handicaps: Some clubs require visitors to show handicap cards. While this is not particularly common we strongly recommend you travel with a handicap card, and accept no responsibility if you do not and are subsequently denied golf. Certain clubs also place maximum handicap restrictions on visitors. If your handicap is greater than 24 (men) or 36 (ladies) please notify us in order we can discuss which clubs may have relevant restrictions. Also, please note that Lyons Links accept no responsibility for the playing conditions of any golf courses, including changes caused by course maintenance or weather conditions.


Brochure Accuracy: As far as is known all information in the promotional and other materials of the Company is accurate at the time of publication. The route of the tour provided at quotation phase is open to change but all the courses listed on the itinerary will be included. Where an issue with hotel or tee-time availability arises between quotation and the receipt of booking deposits, Lyons links will provide comparative alternative accommodation and/or tee times. Options will be agreed with the Group leader.


Caddies: As a free service to clients, Lyons Links will request caddies for those who wish them, however they cannot be guaranteed. They may only be requested for the entire duration of a trip, and not for individual rounds. If you request caddies, Lyons Links will forward a request for caddies in advance of your visit. The golf clubs will make every effort to secure caddies but they are neither employed by the golf clubs nor by Lyons Links.