Lyons Links PGA Referral Program

At Lyons Links, we believe in rewarding the custodians of the Golf. Let us take the heavy lifting out of building a bucket list golf trip for your members and reward you for your efforts at the same time.

Lyons Links PGA Referral Program

We at Lyons Links recognise the contribution that PGA professionals make in trying to grow the game. They also help clubs maintain membership levels by providing a very personable service. Many choose to enhance this by taking a trip with their members.

At Lyons links, we also realise it is labour intensive putting a trip together and indeed leading a week-long trip with members. This is why we are offering PGA members the opportunity to participate in our referral program. We do not believe you should be out of pocket for what in all reality is a work trip. We offer the following for groups for 8 and more:

  • Free Golf
  • Free Accommodation
  • We cover the cost of your flight
  • We pay a stipend per golfer travelling.

 We do this in recognition of your contribution to the game and to your members (our clients). 

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