David Chapman Group Caddie Requirements

 Caddie Requirements

While clubs advise us they cannot guarantee caddies they have asked us to order caddies a minimum of two weeks in advance of arrival.

The following is a list of Caddie prices at the course you are playing

  • Western Gailes £45
  • Turnberry £55 
  • Royal Troon £55
  • Carnoustie £55
  • Kingsbarns £55 
  • North Berwick £50
  • St. Andrews £55

Tips average between £20 and £30 but are entirely at the discretion of clients.

Turnberry, Royal Troon and Kingsbarns all offer a "Fore-Caddie" service for £80 + tip. A Fore Caddie does not carry clubs but will advise all four golfers in a group on the direction of a hole and also on reading putts. If you wish to use a Fore Caddie instead of a personal caddie please tick the relevant "Fore Caddie" box instead Turnberry, Troon or Kingsbarns for those venues.

If each group member can complete the form below at their earliest convenience it would be much appreciated. 

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